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TIER STONE - Naturally Striking

What is Tier?

Tier is a real stone panelling system specifically designed to create a distinctive, natural stone finish.

The panels rise in interlocking ‘tiers’, fitting seamlessly together, eliminating the need for specialist labour and making Tier a quick and easy system to use.

Each product is made from natural stone which is ideal for interior and exterior applications, and has been developed over years of the manufacturers experience. Tier Stone Cladding really is a superior solution for exterior stone cladding tiles. View today at our Ringwood showroom servicing Bournemouth, Dorset, Salisbury and the New Forest area.

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Why Use Tier?

Authentic Look

As Tier is made from natural stone, it bears all the form and character of a dry-stone wall.  The simple yet clever ‘Z’ formation of the Tier Panel System allows each section to interlock seamlessly together producing all the charm and elegance of a natural stone surface.

Simple Installation

This panel system has been designed to achieve the look of a stone wall without the need for a qualified Stonemason. No specialist skills are required to install Tier, which is why it is popular with contractors and developers alike.

25 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Along with all the added benefits of Tier, comes peace of mind. Such is the manufacturers confidence, Tier Panel System comes with a 25 Year Warranty.


Part of what makes Tier unique is it’s sizing. Each panel is deeper than other standard stone systems currently available, which allows the panels to have a greater variety of stone sizes, creating a more realistic and authentic stone wall finish.

Reduced Labour Costs

The modular design utilises the time taken to build Stone walling ... with Tier, it is possible to install up to 30m2 per day. This compares with 3m2 for Random Rubble Walling. Saving you time and money on Labour Costs.

Less Waste

Economical as well as reduced labour costs. Tier has the advantage of producing less waste during construction. Whilst traditional stone walling can expect to have up to 25% wastage. Tier has virtually none.